One of the major concerns in moving into another place is finding a dependable moving company which will help you transfer your belongings to your new home. This is especially important because you will be entrusting all your possessions to a total stranger which can be worrisome. Thus, finding a moving company that is trustworthy, responsible and caring to your belongings is critical. It should also be affordable because moving out would be costly. Following are tips on to help you find the appropriate moving company for you.

Allot some time. Do not rush. You must allot ample time of at least 2 months to find the right moving company. This time will be used for requesting bids and verifying references and negotiating. This will also provide moving companies time for scheduling your date of transfer.

Canvass. Do a canvass of prospective movers in your area. The best source for prospective movers is the internet. It is important to get certified and licensed moving companies such as Montgomery Moving Company. Get free estimates but take note of some shady practices of some movers that provide cheap estimates then gives exorbitant bills once the move is completed. Estimates are usually based on priced by the hour or based on the weight of your stuffs. Also check for incentive offerings such as free package boxes as well as discount rates then compare with other companies.

Familiarize yourself with the kinds of quotes. There basically three quotes used by moving companies. A Binding quote offers a guaranteed price for services asked that may have slight changes due to some fortuitous events or occasions. A Non-binding quote is essentially a price list based on previous cost of moving jobs they’ve had comparable to yours. Finally, a “Not to exceed” clauseprovides an approximated price at which the cost of moving will not go beyond.

Do a background check. Get references from previous customers including friends or acquaintances to verify trustworthiness and credibility of moving company. You may also check with your local Better Business Bureau for complaints against prospective moving company.

Decide on what things to move. You need to decide which of your belongings will be transported, given to friends or relatives, donated to charity, or sold in a garage sale for instance. This is important to know which things are you’re going to pack for moving. Note that packing is usually a separate service that entails another cost. Note also that if you do your own packing, the moving company renounces liability for damages caused by frail or erroneous packing.

Ask delving questions. There are things that you need to clarify with your moving company. This includes if the moving company subcontract its moving services; type of truck or van to be used as well as number of trucks or vans; hidden services; liability in case of damages of your belongings; and types of packing services offered, among others.

Provide information about place to move into. To ensure that the moving company can make suitable estimates, you must inform them of any difficulties that they might face when delivering including traffic, delivery time restrictions, parking, accessibility of your new home (i.e. do they need to take the stairs or are there elevators that can be used?) These issues can increase their cost estimates. Else, if the moving company finds out about this later, it might give you additional charges. While we’re on the subject, you should reserve a parking space in advance for your moving truck especially if your new house is on a crammed area.

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