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Moving and Packing don’t have to be boring or dreadful. With the right tips and motivation, the exercise should be as easy as ABC.Attitude and morale should be the first and foremost step. Psych yourself up and look forward to an efficient, convenient, cost-effective, and stress-free packing journey.

First, identify what you want to be moved. Sort them out in categories, for example, clothes, dishes, and cutlery, wall hanging and accessories, books, toiletries, mats and toys. This not only makes your work easier but also helps you identify things that you do not use and need to dispose of, donate, or even sell.

Secondly, get your packing tools and supplies. You’ll need both small and big boxes that you can easily get from a liquor store and reuse them. Bubble wraps and sturdy tapes for delicate items and electronics if one does not have their original boxes. Marker pens to label your boxes. Sandwich bags for small things like screws and curtain hooks. All your laundry baskets, suitcases come in handy. Trash bags to pack soft non-breakables.

Once you are set, in a plastic box or a personal overnight bag, pack belongings that you are going to use on the first day for easy access. Also, you’ll need to have a packing space where you assemble your tools and items.

For small boxes, it is advisable to pack the heavy stuff while the big boxes are for packing light stuff. Make sure that all the boxes are filled up, leaving no spaces in between items. After which you label the boxes.

An ideal system would be to label the contents, box number to have the count of all the boxes you have and where it should be placed in the new house or office. Not only does this ease unpacking but also identifies the fragile stuff.

Did you know that the fastest way to pack your clothes in a closet is by keeping your hangers-on, gathering them together and pulling on a trash bag? Yes! You can. They can easily fit in the back of your car and are easy to unpack.

Breakable and fragile stuff should be wrapped in bubble wraps and soft material like blankets and towels which act as pads. Plates should be packed vertically an each one of them wrapped in a pad. An important tip while packing electronics is to take a picture of the back connections so that you’ll remember where the wires go.

Keeping in mind about the above tips will ensure that your packing is stress-free and motivate you for moving. One can either hire a moving company or move in your car depending on the size and number of items that you have. One will need to research and make contact with a moving company vancouver a week prior before the moving date. Things to look out for include but not limited to one with excellent customer service, reputable, favorable damage and refund policies.

These packing tips help you with the emotional distress of packing and moving and makes sure you settle in fast as you enjoy the new environment in a serene mood.

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