Pianos are beautiful masterpieces that bring out the best of a room. They are also quite heavy and burdensome to move into or out of a home.

If you are moving and own a grand piano, a baby grand piano, or an upright piano, then we are the professional piano movers for you.

Safely moving a piano requires knowledge and experience. Even a small, local move can be difficult, and sometimes dangerous, if the process is not correctly followed. Large pianos may weigh more than 1,000 pounds.

Do not attempt to move a piano by yourself.

Why Choose a Professional for My Piano Moving Needs?

There are three elements to a safe piano moving experience: an adequate moving dolly, furniture straps, and a moving truck capable of supporting the weight of the piano.

One of the most common mistakes we see from piano movers is the tendency to roll a piano on its casters. Those wheels are intended for small placement movements only. They were not designed to roll up a metal ramp.

Many pianos are shipped without proper protection as well. The entire body of the piano must be wrapped to protect it from damage. Because of the awkward size or shape of some pianos, we recommend securing protective wrap.

Then we recommend locking the piano lid. This prevents internal damage from occurring.

Results to Expect from a Professional Piano Mover

Pianos are precision instruments. The moving process disrupts that precision, requiring the piano to be tuned once it has reached its final destination. Even properly secured pianos that receive zero damage during the moving process may require tuning.

You may wish to wait up to 30 days to have the piano tuned once it has been moved.

Pianos bring a room together. They encourage us to embrace our creativity. No matter what type of piano you may own, let our professional team of movers help you move your piano into your new home today.

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